Reviews for the Album – Talking Hands

Site: JazzDaGama –  December 2022
“Harmony, Improvisation, and Imagination: Exploring the Essence of Indian Music with Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain”
“A Musical Partnership Beyond Fusion: Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain Showcase Evocative Melodies and Rhythmic Waves in Communal Expression.”

Site: Jazz2Love – November 2022
“Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain create a montage of cultural influences, celestial vibrations, and ethereal-toned effects.  Their rapport is magnetic, sending out pleasing emanations and stirring the listener’s endorphins throughout their entire recording.”

Site: JazzWeekly – January 2023
“Greg Hatza plays a variety of keyboards to team with the hands of tabla man Enayet Hossain on this fragrant collection of originals.”

Site: JazzJournal (UK) – January 2023
“Keyboard and tabla duo mostly purvey dreamy yoga-jazz but it’s surpassed by one funky piece suggesting Sly Stone or Stevie Wonder”

Site: Take Effect – March 2023
“The exceptional musicians Greg Hatza (keyboards) and Enayet Hossain (tabla) bring their inimitable skills to this world music meets jazz fusion listen that’s never short on melody, chemistry and very meticulous interaction between the pair. “

Site: 5 Finger Review – August 2023

” Ultimately, Talking Hands triumphs in its ability to translate the abstract language of world fusion into a tangible, borderless musical odyssey. The album invites listeners to traverse diverse cultural landscapes, evoking a sense of shared human experience through its evocative melodies and rhythmic narratives and deep musical chemistry between the two performers. Through their artistry, Hatza and Hossain showcase the very essence of world fusion, Talking Hands is more than a collection of tracks; it is a beautiful musical testament to the power of unity in diversity.”