Melodic Intersect’s 6th studio album, Looking Forward brings forth an ensemble of seasoned musicians from different backgrounds. Enayet Hossain, a tabla player has had years of experience in the realm of Indian classical music and started the Melodic Intersect group to be able to produce music which is not mainstream and meant to be highly improvisational. Hidayat Khan plays the sitar and is the son of the legendary sitar player Vilayat Khan has traveled the world playing in various festivals and venues. Greg Hatza, a well known jazz organist and piano player brings his understanding of jazz and Indian music to the album. Joy Islam, a native of Bangladesh provides a virtuous blend of guitar to the album as does Fred Koch who provides a new dimension with his sax. Avirodh Sharma, originally from Trinidad provides a blend of world percussion and Qamar Abbas from Pakistan provides a masterful playing on the Cajon.

The group has been on the radio charts (CMJ) and Roots Reporter for over a year in the top 50 positions for their previous album Looking Back. Melodic Intersect’s albums Looking Back and the previous to that One Vision enjoyed a substantial amount of Radio Plays. A music reviewer at the Chicago Tribune has written “I guarantee it will have world music lovers and jazz aficionados swooning in ecstasy, humbly bowing with palms touching and thumbs close to their chest, and whispering “Namaste” over, and over, and over again.” Full Article Here. Hupages writes, “The music of India is as diverse as the land it comes from. The country is a nation composed of twenty-eight states, each with their own dialect, culture, tradition and religion, but united by their love of music. “Looking Back”, by a highly talented combo that calls itself Melodic Intersect, is the embodiment of this love.” Full Article Here. Hot Indie News writes, ” A very wise person once said that life is but only a series of experiences. To understand them one must look within and without, one must look forward and backward, and that one must sometime walk the road less traveled. It is abundantly clear that this is something that Melodic Intersect fully comprehends. With Looking Back they share with us an enriching life experience: their marvelously multifaceted music.” Full Article Here